May 14, 2010

the not so glamorous rake race..

I wake up at noon after 5 hours of sleep. I put my wrist protection on because I've developed a claw hand that God forgot. Thank you. I wash my caffeine tabs down with a pot of poison.. I start my laptop, start poker tracker, start retardpoker client, searchs the tables....bots and nits. Awesomeness. I take a break after 6 hours of being ''''''' in the ass for 6 hours straight. Kinda hurts. Eats a protein bar with more black poison. I play another 8 hours. Thinks about sending napalms to retardpokers headquarter because they allow bots on their site. Googles "home made napalm grenades". Eat something lame straight from the fridge. I watch Lost or something else that I don't really like but I still HAVE to watch. Wonders if the neighbours will like it if I take a shower at 4 am? Probably not.
/kill. Start over in 5 hours.

AND ALL I GOT WAS A CRAPPY 5K PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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