May 3, 2010


Played online for about 6 years now, 4 of them "pro" ..
nowadays I only play small stakes nlhe but I'm ok with that because of rakeback.
Higher stakes are lame.. :)
I used to play 2/4 and 5/10 back in the days and I did very well..

My first love... ..not sure if they exist still but the network does, merge gaming.

second love ...
Ongame network..incredibly soft games and good rb deal. Now they just steal your monies :(

Took a longer break, traveling and going back to school..that sucked so I only did that for a year, back to poker...
been traveling (both poker and pleasure trips) a lot too, my fav places:

New York, Las Vegas, the Bahamas, the Philippines and India..good times :) been to a lot of EPTs, PCA, CPA, WSOP..not playing any main events though..railing, shopping and playing side events.

Going to Vegas again late June, going to play in the last 1k event(1-2 July).. I got a seat in the rake race at and got a 5k package. We're staying at Palazzo, it'll be really nice I think. The hotel looks amazing from the pictures.. :) Hope to see you there!

I'm going to translate my old Swedish blog entries soon..they're fun!

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