May 20, 2010

O hai dere !

Changed the shiz was so gross. He couldn't get it out, it was like..stuck in my fat and flesh and stuff. Not cool. NOT COOL!!!! Ah well. I have a new one now so I can have teh secks without getting teh pregg0. I don't want kids. Ever. I'm weird like that.

Pokah today...yes..ehm..I can hear the little voice saying "oh you don't have to play today, you've been sooo good who went to the gyno by yourself and almost had ur arm ripped off. You deserve a lot of candy, too". I'm trying not to listen to it but I'm pretty borderline right now on which side's winning...hahaha. :) My main problem is ...fear. I'm afraid I'll lose money. Afraid of bad beats. Afraid of it all. I'm really working on this though. And I have 80+ buy ins so I won't go broke anytime soon...but it's always in the back of my head. Always.

Anyway: this is how sad I am right now:
Look how strong I am! or..ok fine I just have fat arms.

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