May 17, 2010


I usually lose my motivation after a few days of grinding. Not sure why. Maybe it's because I don't really love poker as I used to. Now it's a job like any other job that you "go" to every day and whine and bitch about. First year was the honeymoon period and boy was that awesome. Everyone sucked and I raked in the cash. 2nd year was alright, didn't play as much, traveled a lot and partied up most o my roll. Started over, didn't have the right motivation. Won a rake race. Took a loong break. Fast forward to where I'm at today.....recently won another rake race which I've now realized was NOT worth it.. 300k hands in a month is a lot of poker. Maybe I should've taken a longer break than 2 weeks?

Motivation. Money. Money doesn't mean a lot to me. Good to have, sure. But nothing more. Dog eat dog. Eat or be eaten. Either me or him. What's it gonna be?

Of course it won't be me.
Grind on.

I really do have a pic of myself for every occasion.. ;)

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