May 10, 2010


I hate to tell people what stakes I play because I'm....embarrassed ? I used to play 2-4 and 5-10 when I first started out. Well of course, not in the very beginning but after about 6 months of freerolling and building at nl10-nl50 I stepped it up to 1-2 and then I was a reg at 2-4. Lots of things happened (both good and bad) and I had to start over again with a much smaller roll. And people had become a lot better.

Today I play nl100 (euro. 1 EUR = ~1.3 USD) . The dollar is getting much stronger now though and the euro is a weak mofo.. :(
I have about 65% rakeback where I play. Without that I wouldn't be winning a lot.. However, I'm not high maintenance and they pay is still better then a random job here in Sweden. So until then..I'll keep doing it. Mostly because I have no clue of what I want to do when I "grow up" (and never known this..and I'm 24 today,how the hell did this happen?!?!!?). And a big factor is that I don't like people. At all. Some people are awesome and I love them. Most people are douches and deserve to *about 500 bad words*. :)

just a day @ work. ;)

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