May 17, 2010

hitnrun yay

pt3 refused to obey it's master (me!) so I refused to play! I just can't 16 table without pt and only my 'reads' to go on..haha...15 sec timebank and 'reads' :)
Wasn't sure if I was up or not (pt said I was up like 5 bb which didn't feel quite right) , ah well. up 150 - ish on 600 hands, guess that's alright.....have to fix the little f-er....

oh btw, got 2 royals the day before yesterday...weird how they always seem to come in clumps. nothing and then bam bam bam. not that you'll ever get action with those hands but w/e, fun to get them .. :)

I remember when I only had the diamond royal left to 'collect' when I first started playing...had gotten spades like 12 times and nada diamonds. took me another year or so to get it and I got it the first week on ipoker (weird stuff going on at ipoker, don't get me started on that one,haha!).

a bit anxious about replacing my implanon, have to go there by one to hold my hand.. :(

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