May 19, 2010

I need dollars?

I think I do ! Gah..shouldn't be this high :P Not when I'm going to the states for some serious shopping! And I'd prefer it if it was lower when I cashed in so I won't lose money just because it drops....that was pretty much the daily scenario when I only had dollars online. Oh great, lost more just by sleeping.. :(

So a good friend mailed me a PLO book today, now I really have to go pro at PLO. No excuses anymore:) But I think I need a good rb site for that to be the most profitable option. You do rake a lot.

I will probably try micros at svs today and see how it feels. Hope they suck a lot. :)
Oh yea, checked out Breaking bad and that was pretty much awesome. Hello new Lost!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Alexandra, it's Dave from Pokerspace. If you want to try a new site the Merge Network is moving up in the ranks pretty quick and we have a 35% rakeback deal with their head room Carbon Poker. Worth checkin' out I think. Let me know what you think and keep your chin up.