May 11, 2010

My new year's resolution..

[written Jan 25th]

First. I MUST win a tournament with 50+ players. I havn't done that in at leat 3-4 years...don't think I've tried too hard to win a tournament (I play mtts very sporadicly but when I do I usually end up itm). But back in the days, when I used to win tournaments, there weren't 6000 players in a $22 15k guar. Hmm.

Second. This is the poker year...I'm telling you! I have to grind. A lot. I'm going to kill boss (network where I play). The fish will be extinct when I'm done.

Third. Learn Omaha. Danne has promised me to help me [he really hasn't........bitch].

May update:
Won a tournament with 700~ starting players accomplished Jan 31. :)
Kill boss..not even close. Think I have like 400k hands for Jan-May (10). Weak.
Plo..not even close here either. And I can't say it's because I've been focusing on winning mtts because I did that fast Excuse: rake race a month....need vacation after that.

this pic is friggin' hilarious. HE'S SO FOCUSED! pro snake washer.

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