May 11, 2010

Why you should NEVER play at Ongame

Ongame owes me money. According to them money just disappears into some black hole they have on their  site (well not exacly, but they can't explain where the monies are). This "bug" has existed since they first launched their client. I thought the problems would disappear with their new client but nope. Please hire new programmers? Maybe you could pay them with the missing money-pool?

I did send them several emails complaining about missing money. I was promised I'd get them sooner or later..well guess what bitches? THEY NEVER DID! They even stole my remaining rakeback because I posted about their shady business on a forum. Great success!!!!

Taken from Tower gamings previous website:
"Q. There's money Missing from my account! A. If you believe there is money missing from your account, please send support as much detail as possible and we can look into it for you. Please note that though we will investigate all claims...".if that doesn't seem shady I don't know what does.
Thread at 2+2 or just google.

If you keep track of your money, manually, after you quit a table I guess you're pretty safe. But there are no guarantees what so ever that you'll get your money even if you harass the support since they will just tell you that "we do not care about tracking programs such as poker tracker or holdem manager". Right. Because that would be ridic..?!
One guy had 800 -something- at a table and when he quit that table his whole balance was 300. Strange innit?

Never. Ever. Again.

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