May 11, 2010

What I think about English people when it's snowing?

THEY ARE SO RETARDED!!!!!!!!! It was barely snowing. Actually there wasn't even any snow on the ground. Still they closed the airports in London. Of couse they did it when we were flying home from the Bahamas  (layover in Heathrow). Man, I was pissed.. :)

Our complimentary hotel was shitty. Everything was shitty. Even the Bahamas was shitty. It was about 17-18 degrees Celsius over there. When it's usually 28-30. Not cool. Not cool cleaning lady woke me up too...when we had requested late check out. GAHHH!!! I get upseat very fast when I'm tired/jetlagged..I guess it worked out fine though since we got home safe and sound. Including our luggage..

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