May 10, 2010

Lol, have you heard about betraiser/betcruise !?

I think it's friggin' hilarious!!! How stupid do they think poker players are? It's rake free. So far so good. Even the tournaments have no fee's. Great. Are they running a poker site just to be kind to players? Not likely.

"During a withdrawal of funds from the gambling portal to third-party payments systems, a 10% house fee will be taken from the player's net winnings." Link Not sure which is better though. 5% rake (3 eur/usd max) or paying the fee. But I do have rakeback on all sites I play on so I get at least 60% back.

I would never deposit there. But I might try their "5 Euro for play" promo when I'm bored enough.. :) However, there aren't many players there... link to promo

 I love

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