May 29, 2010

Change of plans!

I was going to play the vip (ya, I'm vip, yey!) freerolls on 888 tonight but I'm just so crazy tired..slept 2,5hrs tonight. Me and Anna watched the dog whisperer til...3 am. Watched a scene like 20 times, hilarious.. :)

Not feeling too well either..and I think my arm is getting worse? What do you think? Big pic = 2 days ago, small pic = ~1 hr ago. :(
 Revived my old hdd too but I didn't find too many exciting things..only a few. I'll show you tomorrow or something ..

And I'm almost sure I'm missing rb. Again. This is pissing me off too it doesn't matter if it's 30 euros or 3000..............Fool me once, shame on me..fool me twice ...

also I have a new goal for 2010! Win another tournament:) 200+ players. Yes. Ship, ship ! It's going to happen. Oh yes it is..

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