May 13, 2010

Less rakeback if you're a "shark" at ipoker network..lols? you care at all about your players or do you just like to hang yourself (slowly, but surely)?
They have come up with this new BRILLIANT save their fishies they've come up with the "shark-to-fish algorithm" which basically is just a giant lol. This means that if you are a "shark" (there are different levels of shark and fish too, like 'small shark' or 'medium fish' (wtf?). The "algorithm" is pretty advanced and I havn't looked in to it really, just makes me shake my head in disgust. Not only do they ban the biggest winners, now they're reducing the rakeback to 48% max. Not sure if this applies to all sites (...yet) but that's how it is. You win = you lose. Well ipoker, you lose.

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