May 7, 2010

rough night...

i miss this..

a lot of crazy shit going on right now, I don't really feel like talking..

accidentally killed pt3 !!!
i hate you stupid program. so not worth $80 or whatever it was. refund please?
i can't find the motivation to keep grinding..

my new year's res was to grind. a lot. and also to win a mtt with 100+ players, i won one jan 29th :) so that's [x] .
but it's one of the reasons i did the rake race (and i also thought it would be a lot easier, but multi-acc-gaylords killed me ...w/e). so i played almost 300k hands at micro stakes..ran incredibly bad. lost my self everything..
sad things in my personal life doesn't help. at all. i just wanna lay in my bed, under the covers and watch friends and sex and the city.
i promise i'll be better.
until then...

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