Jun 18, 2010

Session cliffs

Aeh..that session was so lame. Swingy.
Lost a ~400 bb pot to a donk with no fold button (got 2 outed). Won AA vs KK aip, he flopped a king..I got a rr flush..mwahaha..justice was served.

I played rush poker for the first time and that was hilarious:) Weird dynamics but I think I have to set up a rb account if that's possible (when you already have an acc, does anyone know?!), I soo wanna play more rush :) Just played nl10 and won like 3 buyins. Was up about 9 but then the rigg striked..hehehe. Lost a few weird hands.

And I deposited at ongame and won one dollar. :D that network is retarded, couldn't get into any good (?) tables, I saw NO fish. Seriously, NONE. I played maybe 150 hands om 3 tables. I think I might try a tournament Sunday ..hope I'm not too hangover because I'm going to drink loooots of beer..fun party tomorrow :)


  1. Anonymous5:17 PM

    yeah u still can get a rb account ... i got mine thro rakebackpros.com ... i first emailed ftp told them i wanted a rb account or else ... they referred me to this site ... i signed up with them, didnt hear anything for a few months and then boom i gots me a rb account ... happy happy days :-)

  2. haha.."a few months" ? :P
    but thanks, I'll send them an email :))

  3. Anonymous5:30 PM

    yep, thats how long it took but maybe u wont have 2 wait as long ... btw u shoulda started your session at hand 1,217 then your graph woulda looked mighty pretty :-)

  4. :D thanks for making me smile. I was pretty pissed around that hand, lost all sets vs giant retards etc..hehe..*whine*

  5. Im going to deliver possible bad news in that you can only get RB on ftp (and anywhere else for that matter) if you haven't already signed up for an account through another affiliate (which most of us have). I signed up years ago before ftp even offered rakeback, have emailed a few different rakeback sites and ftp on more than one occassion but have got nowhere despite explaining that i wouldnt be playing there without RB :( They clearly dont value my business so i reluctantly dont play there. A shame cos i like their smaller field mtts over the huge fields on Stars.

    If you are successful in getting RB it usually takes atleast a few weeks to get set up. Definately worth trying though - They can only say no.

    Good luck! Keep us updated on your progress!

    and keep smiling :)

  6. Come to Stars, we have cookies. :-)

  7. Thanks for your answer Ivy :) I signed up through the website like 5-6 years ago..I sent that affiliatepage a message and hope they'll deliver some good news :P
    No way I'm playing rush without rb..

    Orly Ninja, def worth looking into ;)