Jun 26, 2010

Session cliffs

Played my freerolls, rigged as always..lost a 99.39% :P haha..impressive, right? Oh well..I can be bitter when I'm older.

Cg was rigged too :( A few setups and lots of suckouts. So I'm happy with -180bb..you can't win EVERY time..right?
Gonna try to stay awake for a while now so I can skip sleep the night before the flight..have to leave at like 5 am anyway and I usually go to bed around 3.

So..coffee now. :) haha..it's 1.42 am here.

found me a nice retard (92/44) with 700 bb
  up  345bb now :) the "wee" was a veery secksy pot vs retard..my plan worked *proud* :) I bet 33 into 120 on the river with a flush (flopped it) and he went allin with A5 high, missed flush.

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