Jun 3, 2010

o hai dere

as Peter said. I am not feeling well. HAHAHAA!!!! :D you made my day....thank you!

well, tbh, there's a lot of bs going on in my life right now. lots has to do with my best friend being mentally abused by her "boyfriend". it just makes me soooo so pissed off..won't go into details but I really do hope he gets what he deserves.

here's a fun memory from 2007:
(Swedish prices, I read this in a magazine)
How much does it cost to be a woman? 
Q: How much does a La Prairie eye cream cost (it's expensive!)? A: Lars: Um..$31? or..very expensive you say, ok, $60?  
right answer: $150

Q: How much does a regular bag from Louis Vuitton cost? A: Thomas: that's an expensive brand isn't it? Then it's gotta be at least $127.  
Right answer:  between $530 and $1900.

Q: How much does it cost to add hair extensions? A: Ramin: ....per month? $38?  
Right answer: extensions lasts about 3 months and costs $508.

Q: How much does nail enhancement cost? A: Eddie: wow...at least $38?  
Right answer: about $80.

Q: How much does a brazilian wax cost? A: Niklas: that's when you wax your whole body, right? That's gotta be at least $570?!
Right answer: $50
(and lol what planet does this guy live on?  :P)

Bonus round for you Peter !

If you can guess wtf this is I'll buy you a bottle of the cheapest  (yet finest!) tequila I can find in Vegas ;)


  1. Well, its hard to say for sure cause its covered up pretty good.... but if I have to guess, it kinda looks like a Phoneix Suns jersey. GO NASH!

  2. lol....fffffyeahh.. hahah..I think that answer deserves at least one of them hotel mini bar bottles;)
    so, for the grand prize and ticking jackpot. ur final answer for pink item is.......? :D

  3. no cheating!!!!!! =P

  4. Huh ? How am I cheating ?

  5. haha :)
    if Peter has the right answer for the pink item he will win a bottle of tequila. and you just told him... :) :(

  6. So he wins a bottle of tequila. :D

    I'm glad I helped :P

  7. I figured it was a sex toy, though I freely admit I'm confused as to which end is up, how it works, etc.

    Scares me a little bit. Please don't bring it to Vegas :P

    check your email

  8. hahaha..damnit:)
    maybe I should throw that in as a bonus prize for ya Peter? ;D
    hint: it's only for boys!