Jun 12, 2010

New day, new game, new retards.

Yep. Time to start the grind.. :)
I was actually quite disappointed at the fish late night at svs..at least I didn't find them..? Found one guy who played 85/50 and raised 6x bb pre ..but he 2 outed me two times so that was pretty disgusting, I think he left with 9 buy ins. Way to go retard.

Oh yea, am I the only one who thinks this is hilarious?
"WSOP Says There Will Be Consequences for Men Entering Today's Tourney" 

"Men who entered the 2010 ladies event at the World Series of Poker could face a possible suspension or ban from future WSOPWSOP Communications Director Seth Palansky told Card Player today."

..like wtf? sounds a little extreme..


apparantly he (Shaun Deeb) lost a prop bet..aww.. :)


and now I'm pissed off so I'm just shutting down..got 1 outed in a huuuuge tournament pot, so, screw you poker, I'm going home (and soo watching south park). 5 buy ins up in cg though. 


  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Men in Ladies Event

    Well, there are always women in Men's events.


  2. ok, maybe I should clarify :)
    the headline is "Suspensions, Bans May Come to Men in Ladies Event at the 2010 World Series of Poker"
    and I think that's retarded..
    *editing blog entry*