Jun 10, 2010

Hell yeah! FINALLY!

They finally came to their senses and gave me my money!
Tomorrow at ...6-7 pm the grind begins... :) I really hope I get my pw for svs tomorrow, I'll be sad if I don't.

I'll be playing mtt's as well as cg..and it'll be my first time playing on PKR in like..2 years. Will def be interesting :)
I even deposited at ftp!


edit: I just remembered that I havn't played 6 handed in like 1½ years (if you don't count my rake race month but that was me playing robot style) so I guess I have to play ...tighter? Or things might not end well:) 6max vs 5max is almost as playing fr ! So weird..

btw, I found this ..well..disturbing...lol


  1. Hey thanks for the comment hope all is well. I really do need a break. I must say I liked it when the title of your site was just:


  2. Thanks for sharing: I think you have just found the exact point in the history of TV game shows where reality becomes more twisted than science fiction.

    Wishing you luck...