Jun 22, 2010

Session cliffs

Not in the mood to play regs..and not in the mood to jump down either. :P
So this is it for today..got 2 outed by a 40 bb retard last hand too so, fu poker.
Played some rush too and won a buyin..dunno how to get pt to work with rush (and if it's even possible)..might have to investigate that later:)

Played some miniature golf earlier. I must admit I have played better. Like at least once. :P hahaaha.
mini golf screen. :P 7 is best,right?

found some fishies waiting to be eaten and hahahaahahahahahahaha!?!?!?

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to alex [4c 3h]
retard 1 calls 1.00
xx folds
retard2 calls 1.00
alex checks
*** FLOP *** [3s 9c 3c]
retard2 checks
alex bets 2.00
retard1 folds
retard2 calls 2.00
*** TURN *** [3s 9c 3c] [9h]
retard2 checks
alex checks
*** RIVER *** [3s 9c 3c 9h] [3d]
retard2 goes all-in with 271.98
alex goes all-in with 155.06
*** SUMMARY ***

retard2 showed [Kc Kh]
I guess he really wanted to win that 7bb pot...?


  1. HEM and PT will not work for Rush Poker.

  2. too bad :(
    but stats started to work after a while :)

  3. Do you feel like you're seeing the same players enough for it to make much difference?

  4. I'm not sure yet:) I don't think I have enough hands (and no idea how many I've played so far), but I play 3-4 rush tables so I'll get more soon :P

  5. It's addicting, no? The regs play Rush like it's an MTT - basically nut peddling for tens of thouands of hands. 3 betting LP raisers is very profitable in Rush.

    I think the regular 100 bb 6 Max tables will yield more profit if you hunt for tables with a fish and get position on them.

  6. But it's sooooo much more fun :P
    And of course it will, I'm playing nl20 on ftp haha..no br there. And won't be getting one unless I score some rb.

    Or well, I won't even then I guess..meeh..I'm just in between things(sites) right now,
    Probably won't play on ongame either, just seeing the lobby tilts the hell out of me. What's wrong with me? :( Haalp.

  7. Would you ever give UB/AP a chance?

  8. Hey Alexandra PT and HEM both work with rush.


    btw, nice call on that river, bet he regretted that little move lol :)

  9. HAHAHAHAA at AP/UB :P never. Ever. :) Fu'k that, I'm not supporting them with my precious rake. Also, I would never feel 100% safe there. Good try though.. ;)

    Thanks Gary :)
    I had to think really hard there ..actually I had to double check if I really had 4 of a kind :P haha!