Jun 6, 2010

Irish Open 2008

First of all.
The hotel was a joke. 
The radiator sounded like a drill of some (evil) sort. Or possesed by the devil, not sure.
You could "fix" it by attacking it with a chair or a well directed round kick. There was no hot water and when we called the reception they just asked "have you tried turning the knob?" ..eh..no? YES YOU RETARD!!! So after a few hours they sent someone up and "wops, forgot to turn it on for ya, here u go" ..why thank you kind sir.

They sent us a fruit basket as a "we're sorry!". The bananas had suspicious red hairs on them. Looked a lot like crotch hair. Didn't eat the fruit.
There was a rotten hamburger in the mini bar..and lots (and I'm not joking) LOTS of sperm on the bed. Barf.
The hotel reminded me much of the movie "1408"..weird noises, elevator that didn't work properly, water dripping, you name it.

The room service was probably the biggest joke. If you are a hotel and are going to accomodate a few hundred poker players MAKE SURE YOU HAVE APPROPRIATE ROOM SERVICE. Since we're night owls (most of us anyway) and the tournaments usually end at 2-3 am, we require night food. Even the day room service was retarded so I don't really know wtf their problem was.

After I busted in the ladies event (I'll make another entry about that) it was like 2-3 am and called room service. Waited about 2 hours for a dry sandwich with boiled (!!!!!) chicken on it and nothing else (not even butter). And no crisps either (wtf!).

Fu citywest.
I even wrote a 'review' about the hotel at some ratehotels.com-site and, no idea why (:D), it didn't get accepted....haha.

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