Jun 28, 2010

Airport soon.. :)

..in like 8 hrs or so. Gah..I'm already tired. And noticed that my milk expired yesterday, no biggie..right? Warmed it up in the microwave (as usual) and then it got all lumpy and ...not very nice:( how will I make it through the night without coffee? Hoooooow? :P

Played like 300 hands or so, lost 40 bb, nothing special. Lost AA vs JJ aip so that was pretty much /quit for me. Won 290bb or so at rush. Wee.
Too lazy to get a graph up but you get the point.

I love penguins:) ..even when they're mad  :p


  1. Lycka till med allt!

    / Berte

  2. Tack så mycket! :) ..kommer bli intressant o spela ett wsop event faktiskt.

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