Jun 15, 2010

Vote please!

What do you think?
Is this animal dead or alive?
Anna and I had a long discussion about this little guy...


  1. Its a Platypus and i'd guess at it being alive?

    What do we win? :)


  2. Ahahaha..cookies of your choice! :D

    We looked at pics of other platypus..eh..I have no idea how to bend that word or even if you should.. Anyway, they didn't look as ..dry..as this one..haha.
    I mean, look at his paw(?) and then his eyes..and the left (platypus left) foot, it's in a pretty weird position. And it looks like his beak (?) has been chewed on or something..haha. We discussed this for hours;) (while laughing hysterically)

    But when you search that image name you get lots of "oh look at how happy this platypus is, truly enjoying life" and stuff. Why would they write that if they have a pic of a dead one?
    A true Mystery! :P

  3. hehe... klart den lever.. hehe... o ang. din kommentar på hönan.. jag tror den gillade det looool... :D ;)

  4. I think that he is alive but a little high or maybe drunk. :-))

  5. WTF........really?! :P
    Never seen one live so I can't really tell if they're supposed to look like that but it looks dried up as hell! Hahaha...:)