Jun 7, 2010

Irish Open Ladies Event (2008)

The structure was pretty bad (but that was expected) ..it's usually pretty crappy in side events. But avg at the end of the tournament was like 8 big blinds so it was all in every other hand..ZzZz..

I raise to 600 utg+2 with blinds 100/200, one call from the small blind and flop comes Jx 2s 6s ..she donk bets 1k and I'm thinking "wtf?" .......and asks how much she has left and then I go all in. She doesn't look happy but calls for another 2,5k with AKs and I win with my AJ...

Blinds 200/400, 25 ante. Utg goes all in for 850 and I reraise to 3k with KK ...chick next to me cold calls (!?) but she does -however- have a monster stack and is pretty fishy. I have about 5,5k left. Flop comes K Q 2 so I decide to just go all in mainly because she seems pretty retarded and will call with pretty much anything. She INSTA calls with AJ .....utg has QT and I scoop, woho. Come to mama! Didn't expect her to have that but yea..wp :)

After that not much happened, stole some blinds, won small pots, had double avg for a while. Then the blinds just got higher and higher :P

Almost itm and it's folded to me in the sb and I raise with 66, bb is a Spanish fish and flop is K93r and I c bet and she announces "aeium aöell in" so I fold..

A VERY tilted old lady came to our table since they broke her old table and she's whining and is really rude and she even alls the floor manager to whine and bitch about it (because she got the bb 2 times in a row - welcome to online tournaments?!) and he tells her that it's normal and he's sorry but that you sometimes have to pay the blind again since there are only 2 tables left. She had a good stack so it wasn't because she was short stacked or anything.
And I saw the floor manager a looot that day since many girls didn't seem to know the rules :P anyway..

Tilted lady + 3 other players (just limpers) and flop is J 4 8 rainbow, old tilted lady goes all in for 20-25 (I think blinds were 500/1k and maybe 200 ante) .....one limper calls her with AJ and old lady has teh nuts: J3 and she's out...

I went all in dark in mah blind and it didn't work out too good (only had like 2½ bb's or something), 48 vs K7 and I was out in 15th place and got 840 euro and the buy in was 300+30.

GG all..


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