Jun 6, 2010


I've registered for several micro buy in tournaments (10 and under) since I don't have a lot of $ on any site now (thanks for that retard site) .
Also forgot my login to svs so I'm not playing there tonight either :P I was kinda looking forward to it ..

2nd level in a 6 handed tournament utg pushes 3300+ and I'm like hello because I have AA so I call for 2900 ...and I won, yay! :P he had 66 (?!).

I like mah cookies.
Will update if something happens...

update 1

I thought this hand was a little annoying..I have about 3k chips total and I just put big blind, 150 and 4 people limps in....and I have JJ. How much do I raise? I raised to 750 hoping everyone would fold but 2 people called (!)..and it was a 9 high flop with a flushdraw so I just went all in and got a snap call from J9o and it held up, woho ..hm. But if the flop had been different it would've been much harder to play with that stack size..what do you think?
Not close to itm in anywhere yet :P

raised KK in bb and got one caller in the 40k on stars and flop was A55 and I c bet and he min raised so I tilt folded ...
out in one turbo, 99 vs T9 (awesome call).

update 2
lost QQ vs 77 aip,   thought he was making a move and indeed he was.
lost JJ vs AA ,he had 8 blinds or so and min raised my blind. I didn't win.. :(
then lost an open ended vs bottom set ..gahhh...no luck today :P

update 3
  lost AQ vs QQ, he raised more than 30%  so I thought I had the best hand (and the he would fold).
won AQ vs KJ on AQx flop in a shitty tournament so that wasn't too exciting.
just left in 4 tournaments now and I'm pretty tired now..

update 4
I dunno wtf this is?
1 limper, sb completes and I check in bb with T4o
** Dealing flop ** [ Ts, Qs, Qc ]
tolik17 checks
fettomjau checks
billywi3 checks
** Dealing turn ** [ 6c ]
tolik17 checks
fettomjau checks
billywi3 bets [$1,600]
tolik17 folds
fettomjau raises [$3,390]
billywi3 folds 

update 5
not getting any hands .......anywhere..itm and buy in back in one tournament and   super short in another one, 13 players left ..best hand I've gotten that tournament is AQ, seriously, wtf. Miracle pls!

update 6
meh. I'll just make a FML!!!!!!!111111 now and  not update the outcome of the 2 last tournaments :P
I'm too sad to write. /cut throat

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