Jun 8, 2010

Seriously..what do you do without poker ?

I'm bored to death. Logged in to facebook about 20 times. Checked my e-mail about 200 times. Checked neteller like 29 times..

Actually I got one cashout but it's not nearly enough to start playing imo..I'm very careful with bankroll management. Anyway, the one cash out was from 888 and I've never sent in any papers since I don't really play there. But that was fine apparantly...but when you cash out from your regular site, where you've cashed out 20+ times and sent in pics of ur passport+utility bills THEN you have a problem. It's still "on hold" and I havn't heard anything from the support. Like, wtf would I do if they kept my money? I have done nothing wrong so I'm not worried. But I mean .. if ..what would I do?

Would I play nl10? Would I kill myself? Would I take "bank money" and deposit? Would I find a rich guy to stake me? Would I go golddigging?
I hope I don't have to think about any of these options, ever :P Just hoping it'll get there. And getting my pw to svs by snail mail shouldn't take too long either. So I'll be back grinding in no time I hope. :)
Hope I'm not boring you with personal life stuff..

I love this kitty soooo much.. :D

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