Jun 4, 2010

Tournaments !

I won $25 on a slot at 888, moahaha! So now I have to play a tournament there. I have 5 mtts running right now and registered for a few more on different networks.Won a flip (AK vs 77) and just won AQ vs QJ aip, he flopped a J. But justice was served. Bwahahha!!!

Watched the Tyra Banks show a few mins ago and it was....weeird. There was a woman who had brought her husband to the show just to tell him that she wanted to dress him up as a woman in panties, stockings, bra, etc and lock him up in a cage. And also beat him. Meh..I'm not judging :P whatever floats your boat, bebeh! Hope they had fun:)

 out with AA vs AT and KJ vs A4o, aif K56 (blind battle) ....already reminded of why I HATE tournaments :(

itm in one though  ..blah

 update 2
AK vs AJ  aip 8/50 and T9 vs 44 aip 6/150

update 3
Tripled up with QQ vs AJ and 99 ...just to lose with aces, again, a few hands later...vs 48 or something like that. he jammed 40 bb or something from button and I (happiiih) called from bb. fail.
I got itm in another tournament, 16/230 or something but that was like a buyin back..again....
4 tournaments left. blaah....

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