Jun 13, 2010


So..Sunday means tournament day. Right? Dunno yet. My wrist hurts like hell today.. :( guess I shocked it with a 10hr grind..
I'm pretty tempted though since I now have money on almost every network that has decent tournaments. Hmh..itchy fingers. 

I think I'll just make some coffee and watch breaking bad and dream a little about Vegas.. it's still early :p
so sad that Nilla couldn't get off work this time..I'll miss you babe. Lots.

                                        In da cab in Vegas, not very highroller style! ;p


  1. Nico Dreams10:04 AM

    Le Poem

    Cabs are expensive.
    When walking is cheap.

    I will sell dat ass.
    For my W.S.O.P. seat.

  2. you comments just crack me up, lol..who are you? :)