Jun 9, 2010

The earthquake in the Caribbean during a poker event...

That was actually pretty sick. All the tables started shaking, chips everywhere, some people running outside..it was in St Kitts and the earthquake was waaaaaay off on another island but we felt it quite good. And we don't have earthquakes in Sweden so that was pretty weird for me. :) and this was from nytimes.com "powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 struck near the Caribbean island of Martinique on Thursday, sending tremors and panic through the region but causing little damage, witnesses said." so that's pretty phat, amirite?

Anyway, it was a CPC event, 2007? and I played event #4, 400 freeze with shitty structure (4k chips, 30 min blinds)
There was this wannabe pro guy with giant sunglasses and poker branded clothes, he looked pretty evil at my table.

Hand: Blinds 25/50 utg limps, I raise to 200 and THREE people call my raise..mr pro reraises to 1050 and ANOTHER player 4bets to 2k-something and I yawn and fold QQ..everyone else folds too. Even mr pro. I mean wtf?
Got AA once and everyone folded quickly. Lame.

Hand: I check in my blind with like 95o and there are at least 3 limpers and flop is J 9 3..I bet (I have a plan..I think)..mr pro is the only caller.. turn is a 2. I bet..river is another 3. I bet again...he puts on his sunglasses (OMG!:P) and thinks for like 5 min (well he's eyefucking me or something, Idk, I was pretty wasted at this point..hahaha). He folds. Meh.
I was out in ~45th place and 160~ish starters and 18? itm.. :(

The weirdest thing of the day was probably not the earthquake but the guy sitting on my right side asking me if I had any perfume so I could spray it on the mofo that's on my left because he smells "so fucking bad" and he then went on ranting about his body odour..he did smell very bad but I mean...you probably hurt his feelings dude? :( He was a nice german man I think.. And I didn't spray him! But I think he took a shower in the next break. Still not ok though. But you should probably have someone check ur smell before u sit down, I'm not loving bad BO tbh :P ..esp bad breath..urrrr

There was also this old creepy guy who asked me which seat I was when I first sat down at the table and (ofc) I had "6" and he points at his lap. I mean, what do you reply to that? Yes, kind sir, I would love to sit on your penis. Maybe we could lure it out with some sugar later on?

pics from the Bahamas but w/e:)


  1. Nico D8:20 AM

    "There was also this old creepy guy who asked me which seat I was when I first sat down at the table and (ofc) I had "6" and he points at his lap."

    "I mean, what do you reply to that?"


    "But, sir. (Innocent Puzzled look) It looks as if it's already been occupied... BY MY Louboutin Heels!!!"


    ::mashing peen noises::
    ::old man gurgling noises::

    "(A light sheen of sweat brows the top of your lip) Anyone else got a seat for ME?!?"

    - End Scene -

  2. LOL!! :p
    I wish I could wear Louboutinis though..I'm freakishly tall :(