Jun 16, 2010

Bounty tournament tonight

Gonna be fun to be the bounty..haha.
I think it's +ev to call me with any 2. GL to everyone who's playing.. 3 hours left and I'm the only Swede registered.. :(

Tried to find a dress today but the one I had in mind was sold out... :/ Buhu..had some sushi though, yay.
Think I have to make some dinner now and probably start a session after that. And yes, coffee. Never forget the coffee. Mmm...coffee.

And I can't believe two people think the platypus is alive. Looks like he's been dead for quite some time tbh.. ;) Or is that what they look like?! If so I'm seriously glad the platypus cage was closed when I visited a zoo in Australia. I like to think of them as fluffy rat ducks. Kind of.

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