Jun 16, 2010

I love freerolls!

I started building my bankroll through freerolls on various sites. At first I tried prima (microgaming) and built it up to about $700, I'd say 50% freeroll winnings and rest cash game. I quickly noticed that I wasn't allowed to cash out any of it. Ever. Didn't make me too happy but there was nothing I could do..I don't remember the details (it was over 6 years ago) but I'm pretty sure I was pissed as hell.. ;)
This is probably why I really hate prima. I hate hate hate hate prima.

I moved my sweet ass to merge network, I think they only had one skin at the time and it was called poker.com ..ah..the good times we had.. :)
I think I won like $5k on freerolls there, yay me. But again, those freerolls were awesome, like first prize in monthly tournament was $3k I think and not that many players, like 900-1000 maybe?

I still play freerolls every now and then..but they usually have some kind of requirement, that you're a certain vip level or have played x raked hands in the previous week/month/meh..but I can't say I've won anything really...

The monthly vip freerolls at 888.com are great imo but it's really hard to get the highest level.
 And it looks like merge doesn't have their awesome freerolls (with hand/point req) anymore..?! I have to say I'm disappointed.. I was actually thinking about depositing there again and playing micro stakes just to get into the freerolls.. ;)
Seems like it's really hard to find decent freerolls these days, even with requirements.
First deposit freerolls are usually pretty good though. I might have to look into that again...
If you know something I don't - tell me. Go! Or else..no cookies for you!

Freeroll grinding in bed? ah yes, why not. not my best look though. :P
 I love this pic

oh, my cat Räven loves freeroll monies too. wee!


  1. Wow...I was never ever won at least one freerol, although I ended "itm" several times. To be totally honest, I didn't played so many freerols to beat the variance :-)))

    Regarding poker.com, I remember that I've won 5$ from some free tournament and I ended up to gather 170$, my first bucks from poker. Very proud of that accomplishment. ... :)))

    Looking now at your winnings from freerols I'm not proud anymore. :-)))

  2. Sick brag about owning freerolls. You have heroic results.

    Best freeroll score I ever got was at Doyle's Room. First time depositors freeroll where I finished 3rd for like $900 after I only deposited $20 there.

    Then I played 3/6 NL and doubled up with KK vs QQ AIPF weeeeeeeeeeee.

  3. Tobias3:33 PM

    Vad nickar du på boss? spelat mkt på nl100/nl200 själv där senaste månaderna

  4. HAHA FKCoolers!! :P Sick story bro :P
    No really, my biggest brag is making the final table of a freeroll on prima 6 years ago, 15k players! I won like $35 or something (6-7th place,dunno). That was so sick.

    NinjaRo: haha, u should always be proud:) poker.com ..ah...so many memories.. :)

  5. sånt avslöjas inte hur som helst :)

  6. Tobias4:57 PM

    nehe :( hur avslöjas det då? Ledtrådar då ? :-) du har säkert tagit massor av mig! =(

  7. hallå du... kolla in den månatliga 10000-dollars-rullen på eurosuperpoker/metropol. 1500 rejkade händer. helt ok värde. massor av donkeys, som vanligt på boss media... :D ha en najs dag

    p.s. vill du ha förslag på sköna klubbar i och runt malmö med riktigt bra värde på turrar o cashgame so give me a hollar aight..

  8. Haha! Förhoppningsvis:) Äsch, jag gillar anonymiteten på borden. Inge kul när folk vet VEM som tar deras pengar.. ;)

    Stampe: men den finns ju på hela boss o har flera tusen pers med? :P o malmö är lite för långt bort...

  9. afan alex, är det så? jaja.. hehe.. lirar inte för mycket på fler boss-sidor än ss o dom två andra fiske-sidorna... :D Tur man kör med tackel så man kan fånga många samtidigt.. Omaha 4 Life, har f-n lagt ner texas nästan helt förutom vissa turrar o live....