Jun 29, 2010

Vegas baby!

Yes..very original.
I'm so fucking tired, you have no idea! And Erica is really scared of flying. It's escalated and is worse than ever. There was some turbulence on the first flight and she thought we were crashing. And she was crying and screaming..and probably freaking everyone out :P ..and I was like oh god, make her stop..hahahah!! I thought I was pretty awesome and calm and tried to explain everything with fancy (made up) words and stuff.. :D

Ah well. Took a limo from the airport, so lame. 6 bums in a limo. Changed clothes and ate dinner at some meh place at Palazzo and then Walgreens, twizzlers and Fiji water. Now: bed.
Tomorrow: tan. And no coffee, american coffee is not coffee. It's tea with a hint of coffee.
Pics coming tomorrow probably. Think I might have to go to Rio too..hmm..
ah well. 9.15 pm here :) Hope we won't wake up too early tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:51 PM

    So Starbucks is not coffee?. Karl W

  2. Anonymous2:11 AM

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  3. Next time have her go to her doctor and get a mild dosage of Zoloft or something from that family of medicines. It will either knock her out for the whole flight or relax her so she doesn't have a panic attack from takeoff to landing.

  4. Starbucks cappuchino is "ok" with 3 shots of espresso :P I need strong coffee.

    And yay, my first spam comment:)

    FK: she took some pills, she doesn't know the name (wtf) that she got from her mom and was some kind of sleeping pills (prescription needed). She also has pills for anxiety but she, for some reson, did not bring them. :(
    And she was knocked out for about 4 hours so that was great for us:P haha.

  5. lol nice... yeah that's a long time to be up in the air leaving from Scandinavian country. poor kid.

    I agree that American coffee isn't real coffee. I had Brazilian coffee once and felt like I could stay awake for 3 days straight and lift a car over my head.

  6. Yup..but it was "only" 8h30m to Chicago ;)

    I need some of that brazilian coffee, any idea where I can score some? Some dark alley somewhere maybe? ;p