Jun 15, 2010

Session cliffs..again

..coming soon since I'm not with my grind:)
got pretty pissed when I lost AA vs AK aip though. in a deep stack tournament..cmon dude, I don't think ur A high is good here :P but ofc I love that play by him ..I wanna be ai against that hand every time when I have aces..anyway, I'll update when I'm done.

450 bb   something, still in a few retarded mtts , just feel like killing myself and i hate tournaments so god damn much ,ghaaaaaaaaaaaaa
and I've also decided to leave PKR already because it's causing conflicts with pt3 or something, my comp just freezes whenever I try to close the PKR client. might try ongame for a change, I dunno. fml fml fml.


  1. I tried PKR once and thought it was horrible. Too much animation that no one cares about. Do they even get decent traffic?

  2. I "liked" it 2 years ago..but I can only stand it for a month or so, it really is horrible. But that's probably why they have so many bad players there..I guess they like things that grinders don't.. ;)

    They have decent traffic I guess but you can only play 4 tables anyway.. :/

  3. I'm about to check out Victory Poker. 40% rakeback makes it so I have to at least explore it for a few days.

  4. But they have like 10 tables running...in total? If I'm rakeback whoring I need to fill at least 12 tables.. :)
    I think I have 45 on PKR.

  5. Ahhh... I haven't looked yet. That sucks. 10 total? Haha.

    I'm more of a tournament player but I will 6-table 50NL or 100NL to grind it out and earn back buy-ins.

    I have my Full Tilt rakeback and I have my PlayersOnly Poker rakeback. I guess I can stick with those. PlayersOnly is still soft.

  6. Haha, I'm just guessing:) I played a "first deposit freeroll" (I love freerolls,haha!) there like..1 month ago maybe and when I wanted to play for my winnings there was like 3 nl10, nl20, some guy waiting on tables nl100-nl400. I just cashed out.

    But I guess u don't have that many sites to choose from when ur American.. :/ so unfair!

  7. Haha that's terrible. One lonely person at a 1/2 NL table who can't even get an opponent.

    If I can 6 table 100 NL I'll deposit. If not I won't bother. I'm sure the level of competition is pretty soft overall so I'll also check out their guaranteed prize pool MTT's.

    Probably like Bodog where a 5k Guaranteed is a $50+5 :(

    You're right - being American is no fun in the online poker world.

  8. Hey, let me know how you like it.. :)

    and I didn't even know Bodog was still in bizniz..haha, I have to check that out asap:)

  9. Bodog tilts me. When I played you could only have three tables open. Then they dropped their guaranteed prize pools for MTT's and increased the entry fee.

    Success: You're doing it wrong.

  10. Any clue if the games are soft there?
    Sounds like awesome value on mtt's ;)

  11. Bodog cash is soft but overall just not worth it.

    Best bet for you (and anyone else) is to play at a site that has a sportsbook attached to it.

    You'll find a lot of decent sports bettors playing 3/6 NL and 5/10 NL because they need to sit at a game where the action and money means something.

    That used to be Bodog. Now it's PlayersOnly Poker and the related skins. They have the softest 5/10 games I've seen.

    Tilt and Stars 5/10 is legit - 3 betting every hand etc. etc.

  12. Aha! I see. However, 3/6 is way too high for me..I never take shots.. :) I'm boring like that (or strict).
    Do you play that high?

    I used to play at this italian network that almost no non-italians knew about and my god, that was heaven. You could go allin utg (with 100 bb) and get 1-2 calls. Sooo sick. And of course, they had to get that stupid law that non-italians can't play on Italy based networks. I would probably be rich if I could still play there (you could even get rb there...)...*cries a little*