Jun 15, 2010

Good morning:)

My friend woke me up with a chicken burger and then we went to buy some retarded flowers and stuff.
Now: coffee and look at retarded flowers.
Later: grind and hopefully win monies and then shop like retard in Vegas. Yay!

Ok, so, I did this interview thing yesterday with Rikard from pokertube and it's up there if you want to laugh at me. I recommend you not watching it though since my mic is gay and I suck at English when I havn't spoken it for a long time .. :) But sure, go ahead, laugh at me, it's on the first page there somewhere.

this is my fav dress. :) and no, this is not at my house (horrible carpet), its in the Bahamas. :P

and me, of course, drinking ze coffee. and looking a little creepy.

Anyway, I'll try to grind a lot tonight, my wrist is ok again and I'm feeling pretty good about it. We'll see how it goes, I'll start it up in about 3 hours.

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