Jun 2, 2010

yay, cashing out today

got some rb today, will get last chunk next month (I hope.....). so..plan: deposit tomorrow probably and grind is on. or something..haha. 
guess it sucks that pt3 doesn't work on PKR. I think hem does? thought about buying that instead since I'm most likely going pro at plo soon..and you have to f-ing buy the omaha addon for pt3. yea...that's gonna happen. not!

took my cat out for a walk today, he didn't enjoy it as much as I did :P he was pretty pissed the whole time. guess the weather wasn't too great for him either since he has thick fur...warmest day so far today I think. pretty awesome..

my cat is huge btw..

got my starting day for my WSOP tournament a couple of days ago. got day 1a as I wanted..wooho. :) not looking forward to it..haha

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