Jun 21, 2010

damn u world cup!!!!

only regs playing......how exciting...? should I play mtts instead?

  playing a few mtts and cg even though there are no good tables..meh, up 120 bb or so.

playing rush poker as well and I think I'm up like 1 bi there but it's a little rigged today :P


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  2. Come on Alexandra...regs or fishes it doesn't matter still you gotta have edge on them.

    Probably your win rate will suffer, but overall I guess you're winning money.

    Of course I know nothing about NL100, 'cause I play at 5NL. :-D

    GL and whack 'em!

  3. Ninja is right. If you really have trouble at NL100 just go down to 50NL for 1 day. Or take a day off and watch some soccer. I've never watched before but its very exciting!!

  4. Multi-tabling regs are just as easy to beat as the fish.

    Raise their blinds every single time - they'll only defend with legit hands and basically play them face up.

    Raise their MP opens from the CO or Button often. Again, they're playing too many tables to figure out you're raping their stacks with air.

    I played Pstars 100 NL on my lunch break today and converted USD to EUR to play even bigger fish - won 160 EUR over 225 hands without ever having a monster.

  5. Hehe.. :)
    Good comments guys.
    It eventually got a bit better as soon as the match was over. Fish trying to win their sportsbetting monies back or something :P
    But now I'm tired and a little mad at mtts so I'm just gonna go to bed.