Jun 11, 2010

Session cliffs

About 165 bb down.. :(

I'm crazy tired now so this won't explain my rage too well.. ;) But I've played pretty much all night, "just because I can" ..haha
Anyway, nothing worked today..no sets, no high pp..if I did hit a set/high pp I got brutally surprise buttsecksed. So sore. Aip a few times with KK, QQ vs Ax and yes, of course, the ace fell. Everywhere.

However, I played some mtt's as well..  And they actually went alright, thought about some stuff my new friend schnerrrdy told me. Maybe it was that or maybe it was luck, we'll see tomorrow. I made 2 final tables but no serious cash. Hmh.

And ya, played my first session at PKR and that was so lame and I lost about 16bb/800 hands. My computer doesn't like the client at all..even with min spec..might be bcause it's summer and it's really hot inside (and my laptop gets very warm). I'll see what I can do!

Now: sleepy time.


  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Next to water,

    Heat is tha Numbah one COMPUTER ENEMY!

    So you should get a fan and point it at the bottom of the laptop to keep it cool.

    Or smear chocolate pudding all over ya naked body, run outside and attack the first elderly person you see and post the pictures.

    Either one is fine and should solve your spec. problem.

  2. this is pure gold imo.